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Shenzhen Chuangzhi Laser Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a group enterprise. The company was founded in 2015 with the leadership of Genesis Group. The company is located in Shenzhen, a beautiful and rich industrial machinery electronics development and production base. The company has a registered capital of 50 million yuan. The company is committed to the development of laser smart devices, mainly for aviation, automotive manufacturing, power batteries, electrical equipment, kitchen equipment, advertising signs, sheet metal production, precision parts, trains, abrasives, shipbuilding, mobile phones, electronics, machinery, 3C, hardware industry and other fields in laser die cutting, laser precision cutting, laser advertising cutting, laser deep processing and other program design, technical services, technology development related business.
Century dreams, equipped with the world. As a group of laser intelligent equipment, Chuangzhi Laser has been focusing on Industry 4.0, constantly innovating the dream of the century, helping enterprises to implement smart manufacturing and let smart manufacturing change the future. Chuangzhi Laser Brand Genesis is a Genesis brand consisting of CREATE (Creation) and CENTURY (Century). It includes our entrepreneurial spirit to win with strength and win with quality. Chuangzhi is committed to research and development of industrial 4.0 self-manufacturing solutions, and has successfully provided high-efficiency laser unmanned production lines for many manufacturers, which is highly recognized by the society.
The current team of 3,000 people, all with a college degree or above, 90% of the research has a master's degree or above, including 5 doctors. Chuangzhi is founded by an experienced R&D and management team with experience in the successful development of laser cutting technology. The company's main personnel are composed of a number of different elites, including doctors in mechanical engineering, experts in mechanical and electrical engineering, and other senior professors with certain industry backgrounds. The core R&D team consists of doctoral degree holders or above, including professor-level senior researchers, doctoral students, and master students. Chuangzhi's high-end talent structure makes Chuangzhi Company a high-tech R&D team with rich project experience, which can provide satisfactory pre-sales and after-sales technical solutions to the industry accurately and efficiently. With strong technical strength, the company has reached an alliance of “production, study and research” with some research institutions and universities.
At present, the company's main research and development products are laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine, laser pipe cutting machine, large enveloping laser cutting machine, open laser cutting machine and other equipment. Chuangzhi has developed technical cooperation with major domestic research institutions. Self-owned laser cutting machine equipment, laser cutting automatic control system. The company now has research and development equipment such as CNC laser testing equipment, CNC machine tools and CNC cutting, which provides a good equipment foundation for the research and development of the project. The team has a successful experience in the field of metal laser cutting equipment technology, and is committed to creating a professional R&D manufacturer with low cost and leading technology.
The company has always adhered to the professional, dedicated and dedicated business philosophy, constantly deepening the exploration of product technology research and customer needs, and actively introducing and digesting foreign advanced product technologies. The company pays attention to innovation, always adheres to the principle of innovation, integrity and customer first, provides technology development services that are close to the needs of users, and researches and develops software and hardware products with excellent user experience. The company is moving towards a large-scale and industrialized direction with a solid and steady pace. The company sincerely hopes to work together with colleagues from all walks of life to jointly promote the development of laser technology, the foundation of technology as the service, the core of customer service, and the most professional service to create products that satisfy customers.

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