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The system will be free of charge for one year from the date of acceptance and acceptance (after the warranty period, the customer can renew the service agreement with the company and enjoy the same express service as the warranty period) and maintain for life. The following conditions are non-warranty:
01 Damage caused by abnormal operation and man-made or natural disasters;
02 Demolition, repair of equipment or certain parts of equipment (such as: wiring, parts) cause damage;
03 Non-Genesis company designated professional technicians to guide the failure caused by installation or maintenance;
04 The system mixed with other company's products is not covered by the warranty.
05 is out of warranty.
In order to ensure the stable and efficient operation of customer equipment, Genesis provides customers with 5*8 hours telephone technical support service, 7*24 hour customer fault reporting service, on-site repair service, accessory service, training service, data service and software upgrade service.
5*8 hour telephone technical support service
During the installation and maintenance process, users may have questions or technical problems. You can consult the company through the service hotline.
Genesis will arrange professional technical consulting engineers to help users solve technical problems and guide users to develop solutions to problems.
Telephone technical support is available 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.
7*24 hour customer fault report service
During the use of the user, equipment failure occurs, and a service request can be submitted to Shenzhen Chuangzhi Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. through the service hotline.
 The Genesis company call center arranges the maintenance engineer according to the actual situation to respond to the user's service request as soon as possible.
The telephone fault reporting service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
On-site repair service
If the technical failure of the equipment cannot be solved by telephone, if the two parties agree that it is necessary to carry out on-site repair, the Jieshun Technology Customer Service Center will dispatch professional and technical personnel according to the fault conditions provided by the user, such as time, place and fault phenomenon. Prepare tools and accessories to rush to the fault site to help users troubleshoot.
Determine the different on-site response times based on the impact of the fault on the user's business. Important failure within 4 hours, the general failure to rush to the scene within 24 hours
Accessories service
The accessory service provides users with comprehensive accessory repair and accessory purchase services.
Accessory repair service
For faulty parts that require the return of the original, the user specifies the fault phenomenon and uses the appropriate packaging materials for packaging, mailing or other means to the Czech Republic's central parts library, and after repair, it is returned to the user by mail or other means from the central parts library. For repair parts, the warranty period is 3 months. If the maintenance period is long, substitute parts can be provided according to the actual situation.
Accessories sales service
For accessories that cannot be repaired or accessories that the customer needs to purchase, the user explains the specifications and model of the accessories, and the customer service center negotiates the payment method and delivery method with the customer to provide the corresponding accessories for the customer. The warranty period of the accessories is 3 months.
Accessories price
The price of accessories is implemented in accordance with the price system of Shenzhen Chuangzhi Laser Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. The cost of spare parts, extra packaging, and the cost of door-to-door customers are borne by the customer.
Training Services
Chuangzhi Laser Customer Service Center provides customers with post-installation engineering and technical training; provides daily maintenance and financial statements for equipment according to customer needs; arranges regular technical training for VIP customers; and other product information training arranged by the company. The training content is Genesis' product knowledge and knowledge related to the routine maintenance of the system. Training time depends on the specific time, and training does not charge for training.
Software upgrade service
The software patch service refers to the correction and supplement of the original authorized software by Chuangzhi Laser. It is the solution to the problem found in the operation of this version of the software, and will play the role of eliminating the potential hidden dangers in the operation of the original authorized software. This service will not change the original licensed software features, nor does it include adding new features. Version upgrades to system software are not part of this service.
After-sales service
1. Courtesy to receive every customer, patiently listen to the various questions and opinions raised by the customer, and give enthusiastic answers.
2. Service personnel should wear work clothes, wear work cards, and civilized construction when they come to the door.
3. Service personnel are not allowed to ask for food, drink and items.
4. The service personnel are not allowed to obtain private contact numbers from customers, and no invoices will be issued after the charge.
5. The maintenance fee is subject to price disclosure, reasonable charges, and a maintenance order is issued, detailing the maintenance items and costs. All types of charges will be invoiced and repaired. The charging standard should explain to the customer in detail, listen to the customer's request, reach a consensus with the customer, and sign and confirm.
6. After the maintenance work is completed, the service personnel should self-check, strictly check and ensure the quality of the repair. During the quality warranty period, the customer will be repaired free of charge under the normal operation and normal maintenance conditions.

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