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Laser cutting machine C3015A

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Laser cutting machine C3015A

summary:The working mechanism is mechanically and pneumatically combined, the performance is stable, and the cutting force is greatly improved.


Laser cutting machine features:
1. Use a mesh sawtooth panel to remove static electricity. Wear-resistant, practical, beautiful appearance, generous, reasonable structure, easy operation, high cutting precision, no burrs.
2, using windows2000 operating system, the operation is simple and convenient.
3. The original image algorithm has a prediction center for the incomplete model, and the deviation function is corrected, and the processing precision is less than 0.003 mm.
4, full-screen automatic tracking technology, automatically lock and cut when the target appears, the whole process takes only 10 seconds.
5, using computer technology to process, automatically identify the target, performance is more stable. A variety of light source selection features make the image clearer.
6, using the optional function of reflected light and transmitted light, greatly improving the cutting accuracy; 24 color liquid crystal display, is conducive to operation and long-term work.
7. The working mechanism is combined with mechanical and pneumatic, the performance is stable, and the cutting force is greatly improved.
8, for a variety of metals and other high-strength materials.
Laser cutting machine features:
☆ High precision: The laser automatically finds the image, analyzes the computer, and controls the movement within the recognition range.
☆ Fast speed: The laser reflects a short time, and the graphic position can be controlled as soon as the graphic is found.
☆ Powerful: The sampling chart can be saved and can be called directly. Computer system, software can be upgraded in real time.
☆Quality Assurance: The main components such as laser, pressure regulating valve, cylinder, solenoid valve and track are imported to ensure the service life.
☆Easy operation: man-machine interface, set the working mode directly on the touch screen.
☆High recognition: Special light source can automatically identify the high-reflection, high-blackness and other materials positioning and cutting map, which can automatically compensate for the missing graphics.
Other features of laser cutting machine:
1, professional for high-strength metal cutting
2, compared with the traditional manual cutting and general cutting machine, our cutting and cutting machine is faster, more accurate, user-friendly design, simple and fast operation, zero loss of materials.
3, unique intelligent positioning system, can automatically capture the cutting target, quickly locate and accurately cut.
4, no material, zero scrap rate of materials
5, saving time and labor costs
6, laser cutting is safer and healthier.
7, the software free upgrade for life, the whole machine free after-sales service for one year, providing life-long maintenance services.
Laser cutting machine performance characteristics:
1. The development goal of the CZ series laser equipment is to give full play to the motion control performance and enhance the laser processing effect.
2. Using the world's most advanced 32-bit high-speed DSP to build SmartCarver controller, the performance is improved in amplitude, the smooth S-type acceleration/deceleration control software design, the action is fast and stable, and the automatic aging compensation technology makes the different cutting parts achieve the desired effect.
3. Full-optical isolation system with high-speed differential input and output circuit design, the signal does not be distorted during long-distance transmission, strong anti-interference ability, the system realizes 12-way working status output, 16-channel status input, and can be easily docked with the user's production site. .
4. The CMB series equipment after installing the closed-loop motion control system greatly improves the machining accuracy and meets the requirements of high-precision standards for users.
5. The latest software provides seamless connection with AutoCAD, CoreIDRAW and other CAD, CAM and various graphics processing software, direct original image output function, more suitable for users' site design requirements. Advanced color management, support the color of any condenser, and define the engraving order at will. All or part of the one-time output can be easily implemented.
6. The first domestic use of USB port to transfer data, and is equipped with built-in large-capacity memory. Greatly improve work speed and efficiency. According to the different processing objects of the user, professional fittings can be configured for each processing factory, such as aluminum or iron honeycomb floor with different apertures, metal grid with different gaps and vacuum suction device for soft materials.
Laser cutting machine safety measures:
1. Users should carefully read this manual before starting or operating to ensure safe operation and safe operation of the laser cutting machine.
2. In principle, the operation and maintenance of the laser cutting machine must be completed by authorized personnel of the laser cutting machine.
3. The training is completed by authorized personnel of Chuangzhi Laser Company or Chuangzhi Laser Company.
4. The linear workbench is equipped with a high magnetic magnet and a strong magnetic field in the vicinity. The distance between people wearing a pacemaker should not be less than 0.5 meters.
5. When servicing, turn on the safety switch. In this case, everyone in the room should wear UV laser protective glasses to prevent eye damage.
6. Do not look directly at the laser beam under any circumstances, including wearing laser-protected eyes. Avoid direct skin contact with the laser beam, as this will cause severe burns and invisible internal damage. Reflected light will cause some damage to the skin for a long time.
7. When laser processing materials, harmful gases may be generated, so ensure that the vacuum system is always activated during operation.
8. Other personnel cannot enter the laser room without permission. International safety regulations have been developed for this laser class.
9. Laser equipment maintenance (including laser light path dimming, laser and XY positioning system maintenance and repair, etc.) should be completed by professionally trained personnel. When servicing the laser system, the power cord must be completely disconnected.
10. Due to the very thin materials and sharp edges and corners, wear suitable protective gloves.
1. Unique module structure, imported laser, can cut multiple different products at one time, double the efficiency.
2. Simple operation, intelligent positioning + secondary compensation, to ensure that the product is always in the processing area, the material does not move in the cutting process, no offset, effectively ensure the cutting accuracy.
3. High cutting precision! It adopts industrial computer control, intelligent positioning, imported precision screw guide transmission, equipped with precision laser cutting and imported cylinder control cutting. Ensure cutting error: ≤ ± 0.005mm.
4. The original image algorithm has a prediction center for the special mold, corrects the deviation function, and the residual pattern can recognize the cut.
5. The working mechanism is mechanically and pneumatically combined, the performance is stable, and the cutting force is greatly improved.
6. The product to be cut is placed in the visible range of the laser cutting surface, the cutting machine will automatically recognize the cutting pattern, and automatically move the alignment to complete the cutting, the whole process takes only 0.45 seconds. Directly set the working mode of the model to be cut on the remote control, and the operation is simple and easy to use;
7. Special alloy steel mold structure, durable; imported high-speed laser, smooth cutting surface
8. Chinese operation interface, computer with touch screen, touch operation, practical and simple.
9. It can realize fully automatic one-side or multilateral one-time cutting, and the cutting machine laser can move back and forth.
10. The combination method is simple, and the enterprise can install an automatic feeding and feeding system, a fully automatic laser cutter and a fully automatic feeding machine according to its own needs.
11. Flexible with it, it can be used with other automatic equipment, such as sheet feeding machine, automatic receiving and feeding mechanism, automatic pipe machine; also can be used for material positioning and cutting.
Equipment advantages:
1. As the salary of each city increases, the cost of the enterprise becomes higher and higher, and the recruitment of personnel becomes more and more difficult. Realizing enterprise automation can effectively reduce the loss of personnel and the loss of production line.
2. The traditional cutting machine industry has undergone a transformation from manual to semi-automatic mechanization-automatic mechanization. With the transformation of China's economic situation, the realization of enterprise automation has become an unstoppable trend.
3. The equipment is fully automated, no manual operation, only need to collect the materials regularly. At the same time, the equipment can be combined with automatic feeding machine and cutting equipment. When traditional semi-automatic cutting, cutting position and loading work Each position requires one labor. Now only one labor is required after the matching. Each production line can save 4-6 personal labor for the enterprise, which can save labor costs of 100,000-200,000 per year. If you have more production lines, you will save more.
4. High efficiency, the production efficiency of a fully automatic laser cutting machine is equivalent to the production efficiency of 3-4 semi-automatic laser cutting machines, and the manpower is only 1/3 or 1/4 of semi-automatic. At the same time, in the automatic line production process, the workload of workers is reduced, and workers are also willing to work overtime, which is easier to manage.
Main technical performance parameters
Fiber laser power
Laser wavelength
Maximum processing range of workpiece (mm)
X-axis travel (mm)
Y-axis travel (mm)
Z axis travel (mm)
X, Y axis positioning accuracy (mm / m)
X, Y axis repeat positioning accuracy (mm / m)
X, Y axis positioning speed (m / min)
Maximum acceleration
Workbench maximum load capacity (kg)
Focusing lens
Notch slit width (mm)
CNC system
Bai Chu
X, Y axis drive mode
Gears, racks
Mainframe dimensions (mm)
About 8500x2950x1900
Total weight of the host (kg)
Host installed capacity (KVA)
Power supply rated voltage (V)
Frequency (Hz)
Total power protection level



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